Logitech M240 Silent Mouse Review: Practicality Meets Longevity

Logitech M240 Silent Mouse Review: Practicality Meets Longevity

The Logitech M240 Silent Mouse is a straightforward device at its core—light, compact, and bluetooth connected.

The design isn’t groundbreaking, but it introduces two noteworthy features: a silent click and an impressive one-year battery life on a single AAA battery. In essence, the M240 embodies efficiency and understated functionality.

The M240 is an ideal choice for those seeking a reliable, cost-effective mouse that effortlessly pairs with their PC virtually anywhere. Designed with longevity in mind, it certainly won’t break the bank with frequent battery replacements.

Accompanying the M240 is Logitech’s Options+ software, offering customization such as altering scrolling direction, adjusting pointer speed, and enabling smooth scrolling. The software even allows the middle button to trigger smart actions and other preset functions.

Although not explicitly indicated, the mouse sensitivity option within the Options+ application adjusts the mouse DPI. This provides an alternative to the typical route of altering mouse sensitivity settings through your operating system’s control panel.

In terms of sensor accuracy, the M240 performs flawlessly on both mouse pad and desk surfaces. The mouse’s weight is slightly heavier towards the tail, a predictable characteristic due to the battery’s location. Pairing is straightforward, facilitated by a small button beneath the M240, and an on/off switch ensures power conservation when not in use.

The M240’s compact size and silent clicks deliver on Logitech’s promise. The scroll wheel is standard—responsive, albeit a tad stiff, but for routine browsing and application use, it’s not a significant issue. Considering the M240’s price point, the absence of an unratcheted scroll wheel is understandable.

Even after four weeks of constant use, the battery life remains robust, with the included battery still displaying a 100% charge.

The M240 may not be feature-rich, but during daily use, you’ll find little to complain about. The Bluetooth connectivity is a notable advantage, eliminating the worry of misplacing a dongle and rendering the mouse useless. Priced at a modest R320, it’s a worthy investment, provided you’re comfortable with the mouse’s small size. It might be the perfect fit for those with smaller hands. For those with larger hands, alternatives are available.

Verdict: If you’re on the hunt for a mobile wireless mouse, the Logitech M240 should be a top contender, if only for the outstanding battery life. It doesn’t offer an extensive suite of customization or features, but that’s not its purpose. The M240 is a minimalistic mouse designed for everyday use.