Logitech G715 TKL Review
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Logitech G715 TKL Review

Logitech G715 TKL review | Test unit provided by Logitech G

What are good reasons to buy a TKL mechanical keyboard?

For those that don’t know, TKL stands for tenkeyless, which means there are no number pad keys to the right of your keyboard. So, forgetting the wireless options, it’s because they offer space.¬†You get what you need: multimedia controls, function keys and the rest of the keyboard left over.

For PC gamers, TKL keyboards offer extra space for your mouse. In minimalist setups, they take up less space and offer a cleaner setup.

Are you a good candidate for the Logitech G715 TKL then? Let’s take a look.

Logitech makes great wireless peripherals. Each offers strong battery life, comfy ergonomics most of the time and they are light.

The lightspeed connectors that come with Logitech’s higher-end offerings have exceptional latency, and I love that the switches they use offer responsiveness while being functional and durable. They make great devices, which is why Logitech devices sell, whether on the low end or high end.

Enter the G715 TKL. Logitech sent us the white version, and it’s a looker. Curved around each corner, the design is compact and functional. It has rolling volume controls, a pause and playback button and separate buttons for skipping. There are G715-specific buttons for controlling RGB lighting and gaming modes. This is a minimalist device which Logitech designed not to take up large amounts of space. It’s even built well, with a solid feeling when holding it. I’ve come to expect nothing less from Logitech, even on their lower end offerings.

What do you get in the package? There’s a cloud-shaped wrist wrest, which while comfortable is slippery. You get a USB type A to type C adapter and cable. This means you can run it wired or wireless. Both are of a high quality and fit the white aesthetic of the device. The lightspeed USB dongle fits under the keyboard in a dedicated space to make sure you can move it around without losing it. It’s all very functional. That’s the emphasis I must use. It’s a functional keyboard.

The functionality doesn’t stop there. I ran 2 weeks non-stop before I needed to charge it. The keys were clicky and responsive. Gaming felt better. Typing was a breeze. The key travel felt right. The RGB could be set up to be unobtrusive and each key is lit individually.

What didn’t feel so great was typing without the wrist rest. I didn’t like that it didn’t attach to the keyboard. After long sessions it moved around. The issue was the lip at the bottom of the keyboard. When using the G715 TKL, this was where I felt it worked best. Did I enjoy it without the wrist rest? No, not very much. It worked great while gaming but for productivity, not so much. I suspect it was due to the lip at the front edge of the keyboard. I also ended up missing a full-size keyboard for the numbers, since I work on Ableton Live, and live uses many shortcuts for productive work.

If you do have a hankering for a full-size keyboard like the G715, Logitech does make the G815, but it’s only available wired.

Who would I recommend the G715 TKL to, then? PC gamers looking for a solid, space-saving keyboard, or anyone looking to match a clean white aesthetic while using minimal space.

If you are a fan of Logitech with some good money to spare and you’re looking for a wireless keyboard that will last, the G715 TKL is a good keyboard, it is just that I found that with combined use I felt it was biased towards gaming. It’s just not my poison.

If you are looking for one of these, expect to pay around R4500. It’s not cheap but it will last and is genuinely a good quality unit. I wouldn’t buy one if you were after a full-size keyboard.