LEGO 2K Drive Review – Hit The Bricks

LEGO 2K Drive Review – Hit The Bricks

Generally, the only kind of racing I like is Formula 1. However, I have a special interest in LEGO, and so What’s Good thought that this game would be a great entry point into reviewing these types of games for me.

No, but really, I was super interested to see what a game named so creatively could bring to the table.

Turns out it’s a fun little jaunt in an open world LEGOland, where you can go to town for hours customising your car with all of the add-ons you can think of, or just plop down a couple of bricks on 4 wheels. Paint it and be on your way. There is total creative freedom, and the builder is actually one of the best I have seen in a LEGO game.

The game has races, a League, challenges, and cool little side quests all over the place. As you progress through all of these different ways to play, you collect XP, and when you’re at a certain level, you can progress the main story. In this way, the game sort of keeps you within limits while letting you explore the open world.

Your vehicle changes from car (or kart) to 4 wheeler, to boat, depending on the terrain you’ve sped off into. It gets a little mind-bending at times. If you drift off the road in your kart, you change to your 4 wheeler for the second it takes you to get back onto the road, and then back into your road vehicle. There is a setting where you can make this vehicle change manual, but I came to like the crazy changes. Boating is also fun, but I have to complain that the large bodies of water are not made of thousands of LEGO bricks.

LEGO 2K Drive is a fun, easy to pick up and put down, kart racer for all ages. It brings the usual LEGO humour, doesn’t feel bad to drive around in (okay, the drifting sucked), and expands the LEGO universe for those of us that love it. It isn’t a contender for the next Mario Kart or anything near to that, but is a lot of fun for those days where you just need to roam the streets of a LEGO world without much thought, or make the best dang LEGO car anyone has ever seen. You go, you master-builder, you.

Verdict: ✪✪✪ (Good)

Poor (0-5) ✪✪ Mediocre (6-7) ✪✪✪ Good (8) ✪✪✪✪ Great (9) ✪✪✪✪✪ Must-play! (10)