Imagine Your New 1000hp Ferrari Was ‘The Slow One’

Imagine Your New 1000hp Ferrari Was ‘The Slow One’

I just can’t fathom what it must feel like to be sitting in a new 1000hp hybrid twin-turbo V8 Ferrari and feeling like you drew the short straw.

Well that’s a reality when the car next to you is the new RIMAC NEVERA. The Rimac name might ring a bell, and that’s because Richard Hammond from Top Gear / The Grand Tour nearly killed himself in one a while back.

This drag race shows you how insanely fast the Rimac is, considering that’s it’s next to one of the most insanely fast and powerful cars to ever exist.

If you feel like buying a Rimac, you can go check it out on their website here. I’m sure they’re fairly affordable. Also, I’m expecting the Ferrari to be a lot cheaper now that everyone sees how much of a weak loser it is, but if you really wanna lower your street cred by buying the tortoise on wheels, then you can check it out over on the Ferrari website.