Hands-On With Atlas Fallen – Preview

Hands-On With Atlas Fallen – Preview

We got our hands on Atlas Fallen to bring you a super quick preview of what to expect.

We can’t say we’re very excited.

Watch our video preview now:

Atlas Fallen is an action-adventure game that is coming out in May 2023 on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S. I got to play a preview version of the game and I have to say that I was not very impressed.

Atlas Fallen is a game that tries to be many things at once, but fails to deliver on any of them. It feels like a mishmash of elements from other games, but without any originality or identity. It’s like the developers took inspiration from Immortals Fenyx Rising, Devil May Cry, and other hack and slash games, but forgot to add their own twist or flavor.

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity has fallen and only a few survivors remain. You play as one of them, a young warrior who has to fight against the corrupted forces of nature and the remnants of an ancient civilization. The premise sounds interesting enough, but the execution is lacking.

The world itself is beautiful to look at, with colorful landscapes and detailed environments. There are also other people to interact with: vendors, blacksmiths, people who will give you side quests and so on. However, despite these elements, the world feels empty and lifeless.

The gameplay is also disappointing. The combat system is simplistic and boring.You can also use some special abilities that consume energy: a dash attack, a shockwave attack, and a healing ability.

The movement system is probably the best part of the game. You can jump, glide, slide, and roll around the world with ease and fluidity. It’s fun to explore the world using these mechanics.

Overall, Atlas Fallen feels like it needs more work and polish before it can be released as a full-fledged game. It lacks identity in many ways and it doesn’t offer anything new or exciting to the genre.

I hope that the developers will improve the game before its launch date in May 2023 because right now it doesn’t look very promising.