Guardians of the Galaxy IMAX 3D
Story 5
Performances 5
Production 5
Experience 5

Marvel is on a roll with The Avengers and the new Captain America… and Guardians of the Galaxy doesn’t just keep it going… it raises the bar

Summary 5.0 Must-have
Story 5
Performances 4
Production 4
Experience 5
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Summary 4.5 Must-have

Guardians of the Galaxy IMAX 3D

What is it? A group of lowlife criminals come together to become the galaxy’s only hope in this adventurous, action packed and comedic sci-fi space opera based on the Marvel comics of the same name.

Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of the Guardians of the Galaxy, because Marvel is going to make sure that they become a household name right next to The Avengers.

Guardians of the Galaxy is like the best friend that you’ve always wanted, the type of friend that grabs you by the collar and takes you out on adventures. The sort of friends that cracks the kind of jokes that has you in stitches, the friend that knows how to kick some serious ass… but at the same time, is the friend who isn’t afraid to cry with you when the time calls for it. This film is science fiction at its best, it’s comedy at its best and its action-adventure at its best… and we loved every second of it.

The ideas are huge and the visuals stunning, the script is hilarious, the action and comedy are well paced, the soundtrack is a feature on its own, the cast will bowl you over and the film as a whole will have you planning your next viewing before the first one is over.

Entertainment perfection that simply shouldn’t be missed.

[UPDATE: After viewing the film in IMAX 3D, it needs to be said that if you are able to see the film in this format, you really should. The battle sequences are a marvel to behold and it’s apparent that the film’s shots were created with the format in mind]

Cast: Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper, Lee Pace, Michael Rooker, Karen Gillan

Director: James Gunn  |  Rotten Tomatoes: 100%  |  Metacritic: 77%  | Full Local Review: