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Gears of War: Ultimate Edition | Game & Review Hub

Metacritic Rating: 84/100 | Available on Xbox One | Release: 25 August 2015

Pennyworth Reviews ★★★★☆ Full remakes like this don’t come along every day, and whether you’re a returning fan hoping to get a taste of the old glory days or a newcomer who never knew what the fuss was about, the Gears of War Ultimate Edition delivers in spades as it serves up that same amazing game released years ago, but even better. Read the full review here

International Reviews:

4.5/5.0 GamesRadar Damn near essential if you’ve yet to experience the horror that followed Emergence Day, and very heartily recommended to those who’ve forgotten just what a special time that was.

8.0/10 Polygon The result is something that doesn’t feel new, exactly, but it does feel surprisingly relevant. Gears of War’s campaign has some small particulars that could derail a worse game, and its flaws are more clear now than they were nine years ago.

7.0/10 Gamespot In returning to the game that sparked one of Microsoft’s more prevalent franchises, members of the Coalition kicked down their own proverbial childhood door. The return trip might have revealed a few more cracks than we remembered, but it also serves as a shield for our nostalgia. And as remakes go, that’s worth the journey home.

9.0/10 Destructoid Whether the campaign or multiplayer, Gears of War undoubtedly succeeds in constantly entertaining. The Ultimate Edition takes that to a new level through optimized gameplay, smoother controls, and updated visuals. Most importantly, it makes this classic relevant again.

Local Reviews:

8.0/10 Lazygamer Niggling issues and strange presentation decisions aside, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition is a must for any fan of the franchise, and an extremely well put together remake of one of last generation’s most defining titles.

8.5/10 SA Gamer Epic moments relived make it worth the buy and worth the time, and of course that multiplayer is something special if you have enough people playing. The AI might have annoyed me but it might be an isolated issue. Gears is still very much one of the best third person shooters you will ever play…

8.0/10 HTXT Gears Of War is still a good game, nine years on from its release. In its current state – improved visuals, extra content and all – it almost manages to stand shoulder to shoulder with a lot of the current crop of shooters, even those that latter iterations of Gears Of War influenced.

Welcome to the review hub for Gears of War: Ultimate Edition: The original Gears of War that led the Xbox 360 charge in 2006 was truly a sight to behold, with almost unbelievable graphics serving as icing on the heavy, solid, cover-based “Gears” gameplay cake that made it so incredibly popular. While not originally fully planned, the included multiplayer went on to be a massive hit worldwide, earning Gears of War the early title of being the Xbox 360’s early killer app.

The Gears of War: Ultimate Edition remaster combines all-new recreated visuals and animations, 1080p/60 graphics, all of the DLC content including the act only previously released on PC as well as a new and improved multiplayer that tries to find the balance of using advancements in design and technology to better the experience while still trying to keep some of the quirky issues that made the original as fun as it was. Add to that a matchmaking system that didn’t exist back then, new net-code and some fan-favourite multiplayer modes from the later games, and you have yourself quite a deal on your hands. Another bonus is the included deal of the previous generation Gears of War games being included as backwards compatible titles.

Let us know in the comments if you are excited for Gears of War: Ultimate Edition. If you’re already playing it, let the community know what you think about it!

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