For the Love of LEGO!

For the Love of LEGO!

If you really don’t feel like reading a relatively short wall of text, just know this: LEGO is life.

Written by | Kelly Stretch

I am a 30 year old female, and I can say that I have been playing with either LEGO, DUPLO, or some knockoff brand of blocks since it was safe to do so. LEGO came way before my Gameboy did, and held me down until I finally worked and saved up enough for a PS2.

Just this week I built a set of Harry Potter BrickHeadz with the full Hogwarts Express set waiting for its build for when the moment is right.

Working It

Let’s be honest about it. After a full working day, or even worse, a full working week, the last thing I want to do some nights is sit down in front of yet another screen and play a game. With the amount of choice and A-grade gaming out there at the moment, it can feel like a chore to choose and learn the basics of whatever game has tickled my fancy.

Assortment of Lego in many colours

LEGO is different. It still takes me away, calms me down, and leaves me relaxed, while also stimulating other parts of my brain that I don’t necessarily use during my work days.


I love the whole process of a new LEGO set, from saving up enough (neither hobby is cheap) to choosing that hard-to-find set, the delivery, the pristine box, the touch of ASMR from opening all the little packets, and finally, flipping open that instruction booklet that will help you create something beautiful and tangible.

I am not weighing video games against LEGO. I am simply stating that if you are a little burnt out on games (me), or if you’ve read 7 books in the first 26 days of 2022 (also me), or even if one of your resolutions was a new hobby; I beg you to consider LEGO.

The game is in your head, you’re guided all the way, and at the end you’ve made something really beautiful that you can choose to display or if it suits you, break and build again.