“You Wouldn’t Believe What Happened Last Night!” – DVR Video Gallery

“You Wouldn’t Believe What Happened Last Night!” – DVR Video Gallery

Something I am eternally grateful for is this new generations console’s ability to easily capture and share moments from your games, thanks to their built in DVRs.

Over time I have captured a couple of my own special moments ranging from ass-kicking moments to hilarious blunders and strange game bugs. We celebrate this wonderful functionality by bringing you our very own gallery of captured moments from the past year or two, that we hope you’ll enjoy.

Please, share your vids with us below! We would love to see some of your funny or interesting vids, bring em, share em, talk about em! We will look at updating the gallery over time with new videos even.

Here we go:

Far Cry 4 – How To Hunt A Rhin… where the shit did it go?

Bloodborne – Epic Battle

Gears of War – Triple Headshot #Skillz

Far Cry 4 – Now This Is Fishin’

Rocket League – Triple Save (One on the left)

Titanfall – Jump Kick Double Kill

Bloodborne – How To Take A Few Years Off My Life

Battlefield 4 – Long Range Chopper Multi Kill

Battlefield 4 – Jet: “Bro I’d totally take a rocket for you”

Batman: Arkham City – Darryn from Lazygamer put a challenge.

Star Wars: Battlefront – Zig Zag Bullet Dodging WIN

NBA 2K16 – The Game Wanted Me To Lose

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: Russia – Ring, Ring, DEAD

Witcher III – Geralt Derp Walking

Project CARS – Awesome Dynamic Weather System Gets Hazy

I have so many clips saved that haven’t been uploaded yet, but I’ll hopefully get some more up. Please share your videos below in the comments!