COMPETITION: Win Our Huge Trans-Edge-Herc-Zilla-3 Blu-Ray/DVD Bundle!

COMPETITION: Win Our Huge Trans-Edge-Herc-Zilla-3 Blu-Ray/DVD Bundle!

It’s about time that we gave something back to the readers for all of your support in Pennyworth Reviews’ early days as well as hope to welcome in a couple more for the future.

With this in mind we’ve put together a few film hampers containing a stack of Blu-Ray and DVD movies that you can win! Let’s see what we have for our first giveaway:

Edge of Tomorrow – Blu-Ray  |  GODZILLA – Blu-Ray  |  Transcendence – DVD  |  3 Days To Kill – DVD  |  Hercules – DVD

Not Bad.

Not Bad.

Pretty sweet collection, bro. Whether it’s seeing Emily Blunt kick serious ass wearing an exo-suit, A giant nuclear lizard destroying buildings or The Rock prancing around as a Demi-god, this bundle has you covered.

If you didn’t know, Pennyworth Reviews focuses on the concept of bringing readers really quick and easy to read film and video game reviews in a compact format so that you make a quick decision, be it at home on your PC or standing in a game store or outside the movie theatre!

Need an easy way to remember us? You can always visit and you’ll beam right over here!

OK, so what do you need to do in order to win this bundle? Let’s take a look. First of all you need to be a resident of South Africa. Sorry international readers, we’ll sort something out for ya’ll in future hopefully. Next up, answer the following questions in the comments below. Have fun, and also some are for our own evil uses so give us exactly what we want or it’ll be the shark tank for you (answer the last one however you please).

Answer the following numbered questions in the comments:

1. Who is your favourite film character of all time and why?

2. If you’ve visited or plan to visit Pennyworth Reviews more in the future, do you have a higher interest in film, games or both?

3. What *would* Batman do?

— Please feel free to leave feedback if you desire, we appreciate everything and want to get better and better! —

That’s it, easy peasy! Answer those questions in the comments and if you want to make sure you find out if you win also be sure to follow us on Twitter @pennyworthrevs or on Facebook for the announcement as well as fun facts, news, links to our posts and more!

You can also gain an extra points to your entry by retweeting or like/sharing our competition tweet/post, so keep a keen eye out. Winners will be announced in an updated post and also linked to on social media.

Terms and Conditions – Decision of winner is final, prize cannot be exchanged for money, prize will be delivered to the winner using a service of our choosing but may be collected by winner too. If the winner does not make contact within 24 hours of the announcement, another winner will be chosen. You must be 13 years or older to enter. Winner must reside in the Republic of South Africa. One entry per person. Winner must be human. No, dear families of ours, you aren’t allowed to win our stuff, it’s for the readers.


  1. 8-Bit POItjie February 25, 2015

    1. Wayne from Wayne’s World – he is just as crazy as me and he loves some good metal.

    2. I enjoy the games section more. So it will be the games department for me.

    3. Batman WOULD read more Penntworth reviews. So I will do the same.

  2. Guild February 25, 2015

    1. Iron Man/Tony Stark – obnoxious, genius, billionaire inventor who has awesome body armor. What’s not to like?
    2. Both
    3. Sulk in the dark

  3. T-paul Moloto February 25, 2015

    1. Jack Sparrow from Pirates of The Caribbean – Undoubtably one of the greatest pirates of all time. He’s that one guy that you have to trust with your life, but without really trusting him.

    2. FILMS!

    3. PUNCH EVERYTHING! Even the reviewers from Pennyworth Reviews, because they do such a good job.

  4. Sageville February 25, 2015

    1. Ironman – Robert Downey Jr really plays the part perfectly and the Avengers and other spin-offs tie back seemlessly. (Can’t wait for age of Ultron!)
    2. Here I’m more interested in Films but nice to see games here too.
    3. Batman would punch justice into all the “sucking up” competition entrants!

  5. xdvd February 25, 2015

    1. Robocop because he is a victim of circumstance but rose to the occasion to beat the odds. Answers the age old question that man is better than machine.
    2. Both
    3. Batman would study all angles, prepare for all possible outcomes and make sure that he has all the contingency plans needed to make sure he wins this comp.

  6. flmboy February 25, 2015

    1. Tyler Durden. We don’t talk about it.
    2. Higher interest in EVERYTHING
    3. Batman would end you for using his trademark.

  7. Basil Frank February 25, 2015

    1. Marty Mcfly – I grew up wanting to be like him for various reasons which I can almost write a book about. Mostly I just wanted that hover-board.

    2. Mostly games but I visit PennyWorth for other reasons as well and I plan to visit it into the future.
    3. Batman would complain about stuff from the past. As he always does.

  8. Hiro February 25, 2015

    1. Saul Goodman, from Breaking Bad. despite all his shadiness, he was still totally trustworthy!
    2. MOAR GAMES please!
    3. Batman would kick Jacob in the nuts and kick him out of Nkandla

    • RinceThis February 27, 2015

      He’s also in… Better Call Saul, awesome show.

  9. FoxOneZA February 25, 2015

    1. Mike Larry from Bad Boys. Dude was always stressed out but on the job.
    2. Both.
    3. Batman would wear underpants outside his trousers.

  10. NiteFenix February 27, 2015

    1. Eric Draven, The Crow. Well because he is the risen dead of course…and so bad ass.

    2. Both.

    3. Batman wears white and gold! Strue. Lookit –

  11. NeverGlade February 27, 2015

    1. Ellen Ripley from the Alien franchise. Went from skittish heroine to bad ass killer of the scariest thing I have ever seen.

    2. I would love to see more of both.
    3. Batman would TOTALLY let me drive his batmobile.

  12. RinceThis February 27, 2015

    Can I enter?! Please?! I’m not family!

  13. Choffel February 27, 2015

    1. Michael Wincott as Top Dollar in The Crow

    2. Movies

    3. Batman would stealthily creep into your lair and get the TRANS-EDGE-HERC-ZILLA-3 BLU-RAY/DVD BUNDLE for himself!

  14. Forever21 February 27, 2015

    1. Sarah Connor in Terminator 2 cos she’s a woman you don’t mess with.
    2. Film
    3. Save on Mother- and Father’s Day cards

  15. Peter February 27, 2015

    1. Thats just Totescraziculous! One for all time…its Obviously Ferris Bueller ( Han Solo close second ).
    2. Film!
    3. I would do exactly what I am doing right now, which is entering this competition.

  16. Lyle February 27, 2015

    1. Samuel L Jackson. No explanation needed
    2. Both
    3. Enter this competition. Everybody loves freebies, especially Blu-Ray bundles. Even Batman

  17. Weanerdog March 1, 2015

    Not sure if this still on but here goes

    1. Indiana Jones
    2. Games ftw but I do like the movie reviews as well
    3. Drink a cup of tea, “Alfred make me a cup of tea and a sandwich”

  18. zakeroph March 2, 2015

    1. Johnny Cage, he did the splits and punched a four armed monster in the nads… what more do you want
    2. I prefer the movie reviews over anything else
    3. He would obviously be watching all the movies in this pack explaining how he could do it better.

  19. Thami Afurika-Jin HD March 2, 2015

    1. Neo – The Matrix(1999)

    2. Both

    3. Batman would re-tweet that!

  20. Gareth L (That eXCheez Guy) March 5, 2015

    1. The Terminator. He stops at nothing, and knows no alternative to success. Terrifying and encouraging at the same time.
    2. Movies. There are enough games-coverage sources and sites as it is. 😛
    3. He’d have a cup of coffee at a French restaurant, apparently.

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