Are The 4Gamers PRO4-70 PS4 Headphones Good For Gamers? | Tech Review
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Are The 4Gamers PRO4-70 PS4 Headphones Good For Gamers? | Tech Review

RRP: R599 | Provided for review by: Gamefinity (Camo Midnight Navy)

Pros: Value for Money | Clear Microphone | Adequate sound

Cons: Ear-cups a bit small | Materials feels a bit cheap | Impossible to spot on blue surfaces

These days, I simply can’t live without a decent set of headphones for my gaming sessions. It’s not just that you’re getting game sound directly injected into your head, or because you have all your team communication sorted out at the same time. These days, it’s because my PS4 Pro seems to sound like its either trying to achieve lift off and its gotten so bad that I’d have to crank up sound way loud to actually get a decent gaming experience. I’ve especially found this to be the case with the recent Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Here’s what 4Gamers have to say about their own earphones:

Prepare for battle with the Officially Licensed PRO4-70 CAMO in Midnight Navy. Deliver vital comms to your squad with the very stylish camouflaged stereo gaming headset. Immersive sound, takes you closer to the action than ever before. Follow your team or go off-grid with the removable mic. Which features TWIST N LOCK technology.

Tell Me How You Feel

The headphones do a decent job of fitting on the head, but when it came to getting them to go fully over-ear, they just didn’t quite cut it. I’ve got relatively average sized ears, and I found that even an extra 5-10mm would have gone a really long way to providing excellent comfort. So with that said, they’re comfortable enough to make it through a 2-3 hour gaming session without much fuss, but I did find that my ears felt a bit sore around the edges a few times when waking after a longer gaming session with friends.

PRO4-70 Features

Kuestionable Kavolity

While the build quality of the unit really isn’t so terrible, some of the plastics feel a bit on the cheap side. The foam that sits between your head and the arch also feels like its going to deform badly after a bit of use, especially if you’re hanging the headphones on something most of the time you’re not playing. The cable also has a bit of cheap plastic feel to it as well. The good news is just that it seems like a bit of cost saving has been done in these departments to ensure that the important bits are of a decent standard. We aren’t sure how well they will last over time without being able to test them for an extended amount of time.

Getting Jacked

The PRO4-70 packaging might be all about dat Playstation, but the truth is that due to a simple audio jack, they are just as usable for listening to music on your phone or playing on your Nintendo Switch. When swopping from my existing Kingston HyperX Cloud Core earphones to the PRO4-70, my online party members mentioned a noticeable bump in audio quality. So that’s a +1 for the microphone, which doesn’t quite look as good as it actually is in terms of mobility and clarity.


At a local price of R599 the 4Gamers PRO4-70s really aren’t all that special, but you could definitely do worse. I found them to have decent sound, decent comfort and a clear mic. That’s not bad value for asking price for anyone who really can’t manage any higher price.