Another Code Recollection Review – Nintendo Switch

Another Code Recollection Review – Nintendo Switch

Another Code Recollection reviewed on Nintendo Switch (OLED) – It’s been my mystery game era at What’s Good during this never-ending January of 2024. If anything, the last time I played so many detective games was on my DS back when Ace Attorney and Professor Layton were the best thing since Pokémon.

Two games I never got to, that actually turned into the so-called cult classics of the genre Hotel Dusk: Room 215 and Trace Memory (or maybe you know it as Another Code).

Another Code was remastered in this collection, and then also bundled in is the Wii game, A Journey into Lost Memories – its official sequel. The remaster has kept the story the same and smoothed out some aged mechanics to make it a smoother gaming experience. The graphics have been redone, there are bigger 3d modeled areas to visit, and of course, the DS that the main character used to carry around has been replaced by a Switch.

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Another Code Recollection follows a girl named Ashley who believed that her dad had died many years prior, until she gets a message that perhaps he hadn’t. So begins a mystery adventure filled with puzzles that, honestly, made me put the switch down more than once. This was even with the hint system that actively realises where and when you are struggling and in essence changes the difficulty of the game from puzzle to puzzle. We also meet a ghost that only Ashley can see, and soon we find out he can’t remember anything, so we add to the many mysteries and puzzles his lost memories as well.

It’s a real conundrum.

The second game picks up 2 years later, but in this collection, there is no roll of credits between game 1 and 2, just a continuation, which I found really nice and contextual. This collection has brought two cult classics to a much wider audience and boast a much more modern look and feel.

Verdict: Recommended – If you’re a fan of this genre, go get stuck into the puzzles. Just make sure your Switch is insured for damage. Or better… play docked.