The Best Upcoming (and Released) 2023 Games – Best Gaming Year Ever?

The Best Upcoming (and Released) 2023 Games – Best Gaming Year Ever?

2023 games are on another level. I think 2023 is quite possibly the BEST gaming year of all time!

Even better than 1998 and 2007? Well, we take a look.

The hot drops this year so far have been nothing short of nuts, with some new titles from some of the biggest franchises in gaming, and a few great new faces too.

Watch our video now to find out what great games are already out, which new games are coming and what we think about 2023’s chances of being maybe the best gaming year of all time!

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A Year of Insane Hot Drops

From new titles in the biggest franchises to exciting fresh faces, 2023 has been nothing short of insane. Games like Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Dead Space Remake, Final Fantasy XVI, Resident Evil 4 Remake, Dead Island 2, Stasis, Metroid Remaster, Street Fighter 6, Diablo 4, Remnant II, Hogwarts Legacy, Hi-Fi Rush, Baldur’s Gate 3, Star Wars: Jedi Survivor, Kirby, Pikmin 4, and even Red Fall (just kidding, not you Red Fall – go to your room) have been making headlines.

The list is just incredible, with big names that didn’t just drop the ball but achieved really good scores. Many of these games could have been contenders for Game of the Year titles if released in other years. But the craziest part is that some of the best games are still on the way.

The Hype Train Continues

This year’s releases have already been mind-blowing, and if it all stopped now, 2023 could still be considered one of the best years we’ve seen. Getting a shortlist for Game of the Year awards will be a hell of a challenge.

But it doesn’t stop there! Great games are still on the way (and after this list we get to our most anticipated)

Armored Core 6

A third-person mech shooter made by the creators of Dark Souls, Elden Ring, and Bloodborne. It might be different from the games you’re accustomed to from these developers, but one thing is certain: anything from FROM Software demands our attention. It’s set to release on nearly every platform except the Switch.

Baldur’s Gate 3

The third installment in the revered Baldur’s Gate series, based on Dungeons and Dragons. Baldur’s Gate is already available on PC and is now the highest-rated PC game of all time on Metacritic. It’s finally making its way to consoles, though only the PlayStation version is currently available. The Xbox release has been delayed due to issues with split-screen on the Series S. Could it be time for the Series S to relinquish some of its privileges? Both this and the upcoming Xbox release of Starfield are topics for another day.

Mortal Kombat 1

Much like its characters, Mortal Kombat refuses to fade away. This time, it’s getting the reboot treatment, complete with enhanced graphics, fresh gore, and a handful of new tricks up its sleeve.

Lies of P

Who could have predicted a crossover between Bloodborne and Pinnochio? I certainly didn’t, but after trying the demo some time ago and being thoroughly impressed, I’m eager to delve deeper into the game. To make things even better, it’s coming to Game Pass on day one!

Cyberpunk: Phantom Liberty

In a year like 2023, I might risk being dragged into the street and shot for saying this, but the expansion for Cyberpunk 2077 might just be one of my most highly anticipated “games” of the year. I endured a great deal of Cyberpunk 2077’s initial issues on Xbox, and later enjoyed the improved version. My love for the game’s systems and world is so strong that I’m actively seeking reasons to return to Night City.

Assassin’s Creed Mirage

People grew weary of the traditional Assassin’s Creed formula, prompting Ubisoft to pivot the franchise towards a more action-RPG direction. Strangely, this change has also worn thin, leading everyone to eagerly anticipate a return to the classic AC format. It’s quite the strategy shift, and I’m curious to see if they can pull it off. [Bold strategy indeed, my friends.]

Lords of the Fallen

If you’re a fan of Dark Souls and you find yourself longing for more, then Lords of the Fallen might just scratch that itch. It’s undoubtedly similar to Dark Souls, yet it’s not a direct copy. Initial impressions of the game are positive, but I can’t help but dwell on the fact that, despite creating something so closely reminiscent of Dark Souls, they’ve opted to mimic Dark Souls’ visual style as well. Are we truly running out of creative ideas? Regardless, I’ve mentioned Dark Souls one too many times – let’s move forward.

Alone in the Dark

Alone in the Dark has returned, boasting two familiar faces: David Harbour, known for his roles in Stranger Things and Black Widow, and Jodie Comer, who has an impressive repertoire of work that I’ve yet to explore. Will the game be a hit? I’m uncertain at this point. What I do know is that with the Dead Space and Resident Evil 4 remakes earlier this year, along with the release of another notable sequel almost simultaneously due to a pushed-back release date, Alone in the Dark will need to be quite exceptional to avoid being overshadowed.

Like a Dragon: Gaiden – The Man Who Erased His Name

The Yakuza / Slash / Like a Dragon series has captured the hearts of many thanks to its idiosyncratic style. Although my experience with these games has been limited, their immense popularity is evident, and a new title is generating a great deal of excitement. And what a captivating title it is – a true standout.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Another year, another COD release, even when it wasn’t initially anticipated. The expanded content for Modern Warfare 2 has evolved into a comprehensive standalone release. As of writing this, fresh news has just emerged about what appears to be an open-world campaign, the return of the beloved Zombies mode, and a host of other additions. Call of Duty games consistently generate substantial buzz, and this one should be no exception, even if it is essentially an amped-up expansion pack.

Our most anticipated:

Alright, I’ve saved some of the best and most significant games for last. These aren’t just games that people are eagerly anticipating; they also carry an additional level of significance that sets them apart as contenders for this year’s top spot.

Alan Wake 2

I’m incredibly excited for Alan Wake 2. Alan Wake wasn’t just one of the standout games on the Xbox 360; I’d argue it was one of the finest games of its entire generation. Remedy, masters of their craft, are finally answering our pleas for a sequel. They’ve introduced a new protagonist alongside the return of Alan Wake himself, and their innovative ideas about progressing the campaign have piqued interest. Early impressions are overwhelmingly positive, and while much of the discussion revolves around other titles I’m about to mention, Alan Wake might just emerge from the shadows and stun us with an exceptional game.

Forza Motorsport

I understand that not everyone shares my enthusiasm for cars and Forza games. Nevertheless, Microsoft and I share a fervor for this, as Forza Motorsport, though not their flagship release this year, plays a crucial role in showcasing the console’s power, emphasizing Game Pass’ ongoing value, and upholding one of their most esteemed franchises. The game is shaping up remarkably well, and as an aficionado of cars and racing, I’m thrilled to step away from Horizon and return to the racetrack.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Super Mario Bros. Wonder brings Mario back to his roots in a 2D platformer following the triumphant success of the animated movie. Riding on the coattails of the movie’s blockbuster performance and coinciding with the introduction of the Switch’s successor, this new Mario game is bound to be a sensational hit.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 presents a fascinating turn of events, with two iconic characters, each having recently enjoyed successful animated movie releases, now preparing to star in their own video games. Swinging out of theaters and into our hearts, Peter and Miles are set to return in a full-fledged sequel to Marvel’s Spider-Man. Exclusive to the PS5, the game looks incredibly promising and is sure to bring smiles to gamers’ faces once again. Tom Holland might be feeling a bit left out this year.


Last but not least, we have a game that has been years in the making and has transformed into more than just a simple game release. Enter Starfield, the ambitious, colossal space adventure RPG exclusive to Xbox consoles from the creators of Morrowind, Oblivion, Fallout 3, Skyrim, Fallout 4, Skyrim, Skyrim, and Skyrim.

This game represents a pivotal moment for Xbox, a response to the significant setback experienced when Red Fall faltered as heavily as Dracula’s attempt at a beach vacation. Xbox has faced valid criticism for the lack of strong exclusives over a sustained period. In response, they’ve taken steps to secure exclusives, leading to this point. Fans are already aboard the hype train, while others are nervously awaiting to learn whether Bethesda’s history of buggy game launches will repeat itself. Additionally, the game will only offer a 30fps mode on consoles, raising questions about the trade-off between performance and the envisioned experience. It remains to be seen if the omission of those extra 30 frames, which many have grown accustomed to, will impact the overall enjoyment of the game.

I remain cautiously optimistic, but I’d be dishonest if I didn’t admit that I’m feeling a surge of anticipation for Starfield. In many ways, I’m as eager to witness its success as I am intrigued by the prospect of it not quite living up to the immense expectations. The fact that such a significant game is launching on Game Pass is truly remarkable. I’m eagerly anticipating the unfolding of this endeavor.

Can It Be The Best?

With such a line-up, 2023 is looking like a strong contender for the best year of gaming releases of all time. To take the top spot, it needs to beat legendary years like 2007 (with Portal, Super Mario Galaxy, Bioshock) and 1998 (with Ocarina of Time, Metal Gear Solid, Half-Life).

The question is, can 2023 be remembered as the best gaming year of all time? The competition is fierce, but what’s certain is that gamers are the true winners this year.

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