7500 – Anything But Plane | Movie Review – Amazon Prime
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7500 is a great little thriller that makes the most of a tight setting

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7500 – Anything But Plane | Movie Review – Amazon Prime

7500 is a really neat, tight little thriller that makes the most of its low budget. It stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a US pilot who is co-piloting a flight from Germany to France when it gets hijacked.

What makes the film a little more unique is that it takes plan almost entirely in the cockpit of the plane, and also happens in real time over the course of a roughly 90 minute incident. Through the use of some really great filmmaking and some rather excellent acting, 7500 delivers a really up close and personal thriller that keeps you fully engaged as the story unfolds.

I have to also give a bit of a hat tip to the film’s sound, as we watched it with 5.1 Surround Sound and were really impressed with just how much information about the events happening around the cockpit and in the plane was delivered through excellent use of sound.

It’s no huge blockbuster, but we really had a good time with it and I can highly recommend it to fans of thrillers who are looking for something to keep them glued to their television for 90 mins of their evening.