7 Features The Xbox One Needs To Steal From The PS4

7 Features The Xbox One Needs To Steal From The PS4

Welcome to part 2 of our article series on the strengths and weaknesses of the new generation of consoles and what they could improve by straight-up jacking some of the features that make their competitors great. Last week we took a closer look at the PS4 and put together our list of 7 features we thought that Sony should steal from the Xbox One.

This week we take a look at the Xbox One to see where it falls short, specifically in the places where Sony have nailed it down. So, here’s our list of 7 features the Xbox one should steal from the PlayStation 4.

1. Remote Play

We don’t really need to explain why this is awesome, especially when it works well. Now the Xbox One doesn’t have a PS Vita equivalent, but with the PS4 now able to stream games to everything from Vitas to phones and tablets, its a heck of a feature for the Xbox to be missing. Want to beat Sony at the game? Make it able to stream to an app that runs on everything from an iPad to Android phone or Macbook through the Smartglass app using a controller.

We obviously didn't mean that sort of remote pla... wait, what in the 7 hells is that abomination?

We obviously didn’t mean that sort of remote pl… wait, what in the 7 hells is that abomination?

Some Controller Goodies

We love the Xbox One Controller. It has great battery life, we like impact triggers and it feels really great overall (those bumpers can be fickle though). Sony’s controller eats battery power for breakfast, but it also comes with some neat goodies like a universal audio jack that works with pretty much anything, a touchpad (which also doubles as an extra button on the controller) and some disco lights on the front.

As a result of the touchpad doubling for what is essentially the Xbox One view button, it also means that it has a dedicated share button, which is way more responsive and easy to use compared to double tapping guide buttons or talking to your Kinect when you want to quickly grab or share something. Especially since we still have to see how the Xbox is going to handle screenshots. Taking a photo of a very quick and epic moment isn’t going to fly when you still need to talk to your Kinect first or hit three inputs.

3. Capture Files and Gallery

The Xbox One’s Upload app has its uses, but its a bit of a clunky way of chucking all of your vids together and letting you go through them and decide if you want to save them for good, or not. We much prefer the PS4 system where we are given access to the actual files, sitting in folders for each game. It makes everything easy to find, and quick to go through.

4. USB Copying

In line with the item above, the PS4 also lets you toss your videos or pics onto a flash drive for whatever reason you see fit, and we love the freedom it provides. Copy your videos easily to edit in your own software, or grab some high-res screenshots to use in your blog/twitter posts or as a desktop background.

Gimme a sec while I just haXXor this sweet headshot montage onto my floppy drive

Gimme a sec while I just hack this sweet headshot montage onto my floppy drive

5. Download/Upload List

When you have a console combined with an internet connection that is now capable of moving (sometimes automatically) 100GB data or more in one day, as well as patches rolling out so often, it really doesn’t hurt to be able to actually see what downloaded or uploaded… and when. In its current state, there’s no way to tell if one of your games or apps was updated overnight, or how big the update was.

6. Choose Standby or Power Saving Mode On The Fly

Both the Xbox One and the PS4 allow gamers to shut their machines down into a quicker starting standby mode, or to turn that sucker off completely. While the Xbox One allows you to decide which as an option in the settings, the PS4 gives you the ability to decide every time you bring up your shutdown menu. You might prefer to keep your Xbox One completely off unless you know there’s something you want to leave it to download, and while using the settings isn’t the end of the world, holding the guide button brings up only two measly options anyways so its obvious that adding a few more options to the screen wouldn’t hurt anyone.

7. Check for Updates

The PS4 has included a great feature that lets you bring up the options menu on a game or app and check for an update without having to launch it. We have to assume that the Xbox One thinking is that if you always keep it in standby mode, it will always keep everything up to date anyways. Since that isn’t the case for everyone, and just handy no matter what, we think the Xbox One can benefit from it.

That’s our list, but I’m sure there’s more that could be said. Is there anything that you really miss when using your Xbox One that your Playstation 4 just does so well?

Hit the comments below to tell us what you think!


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  2. jacksjus December 9, 2014

    I’m surprised no mention of Shareplay.

    In regards to the controller I think it’s great when they work. I just recently purchased my 3rd replacement due to the horrible R2 sticking problem. Thank goodness for Geek Squad to ease the financial burden.

    • Anthony Firicano December 9, 2014

      Honestly one of the best if not the best features in gaming

    • datdude December 10, 2014

      Absolutely shareplay should be on this list. It’s pretty damn awesome and maybe the best new feature of either console this gen.

    • Nick de Bruyne December 10, 2014

      What really sucks about Shareplay is that its far from being able to work everywhere. Many countries, ours included, even on one of our best ADSL line options (especially due to our limited upload speeds) Shareplay doesn’t even launch, it actually just says that your connection isn’t good enough for it and it cancels out. So it really sucks that so many gamers are being kept from the feature.

      It seems that the world as a whole isn’t ready for it, but you guys make good points about it being something that deserves to be on a list of things the XBO should be doing.

  3. LOL December 9, 2014

    Xbox needs to steal the “1080” feature from PS4

    • jacksjus December 9, 2014


    • datdude December 10, 2014

      Nicely done. They’ve managed to master the 180, but the 1080 is a much higher degree of difficulty.

  4. rudero December 10, 2014

    More like the other way around. The XB1 has so many features, it shames the PS4.

    • datdude December 10, 2014

      With as many 180’s as the xbone has had to implement to try to adapt to the hammering it’s taking from the ps4, your comment smacks of fanboy silliness. The xbone is a completely different console than the one Microsoft announced at E3 2013, and the ps4’s success is the primary reason why the changes had to be made. Only your tremendous butthurt makes you think otherwise.

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