5 Must-See Movie Trailers From This Week

5 Must-See Movie Trailers From This Week

What a time to be alive. A new Star Wars, Marvel Universe films, a new Jurassic Park movie and a movie where Batman and Superman fight each other. Holy crap.

This week has brought with it some crazy must-see trailers that are sure to get you insanely excited about all the films coming over the next year or so. Don’t miss them:

Are you excited or what? It’s just insane to think what’s coming, not to mention that the new Avengers hits THIS WEEK. We are just giddy all over.

Which are you most excited for? Leave a comment!

P.S: There’s a new Terminator trailer as well, but we’ve heard it has as huge spoiler in it so we are avoiding it on your behalf, but if you don’t mind that sort of thing, you can go watch it here.