Velocity 2X
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Velocity 2X

What is it? A fast-paced 2D arcade styled game that has you controlling a ship from above as well as also playing levels where you control the pilot as they run through a level.

Quick reactions and a fast pace is where Velocity 2X is at, as you play through levels from a top-down angle where you must manoeuvre a ship while rescuing survivors, blasting things and making use of an insanely fun and intuitive teleport ability. As the game progresses you also have to alternate between running through levels as the pilot as well, in a Sonic meets Metroid sort of way. The visuals are neat but nothing especially impressive but the gameplay, which is the important part in this genre, is exhilarating, especially when you get the hang of the teleporter.

Each level has rewards for collecting everything, doing it under a certain time, getting enough points or the most tricky of the lot… doing it all in one run. Your need to retry or revisit levels to get all of the awards combined with leaderboards brings about a wonderfully arcade-like and addictive competitive environment.

The focus on gameplay keeps the action fun and pure, with tight controls ensuring that you’ll want to spend many a night beating the next challenge.

Available: PS4, PS Vita  (Available on PS+) |  Metacritic: 86%


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