LEGO Bricktales Review – Bricking Bad
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LEGO Bricktales Review – Bricking Bad

I was so there for LEGO Bricktales, but somehow, It just didn’t hit the spot.

LEGO is likely one of the greatest loves of my life. I build it, collect it, display it, and when a new LEGO game comes out, you bet I am there for it.

LEGO Bricktales maintains the LEGO-realism we have come to enjoy, with beautiful bricky graphics. You even get to design your own minifigure. It’s still funny and lighthearted, but the gameplay is not what I expected.

This game has some of the most beautiful digital LEGO dioramas I have ever seen and the areas you get to explore are large and well designed, but at its core, it’s like a building sim. And if you know nothing about building and construction, you’re going to be stumped pretty early on, pretty much directly after the tutorial I’d say.

When building a real LEGO set, you follow 400 page booklets step-by-step, and sometimes you still make a mistake and have to page back to find that one brick you put in the wrong place.

Here, you are left to your own devices, with lots and lots and lots of physics based puzzles to build and solve. Add a mildly frustrating interface to the mix, and you have yourself a very different LEGO game to any other.

VERDICT: I think this LEGO game will be great for aspiring engineers, people who love to solve puzzles or even those learning about the wonderful, complex world of physics, but if you’re looking for a LEGO game where you smash things and have some empty brain time, give this one a skip.


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