Into the Breach Mobile Destroys Other Version of the Game – Review
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Into the Breach Mobile Destroys Other Version of the Game – Review

Into the Breach is absolutely addictive, astonishingly brilliant and you should most definitely play it.

I’m happy to end the review there, but I’ll elaborate.

Previously available on PC and Switch, Into the Breach comes to iOS and Android mobile devices courtesy of a Netflix subscription.

Life’s a Breach

It’s an 8-tile, turn-based strategy game where you select a squad of 3 time-travelling mechs and then complete missions and objectives through the use of attacks that damage enemies or abilities that move them around and/or apply status effects to them (such as burning, freeze, acid, etc.).

It’s brilliant in its simplicity but beyond brilliant in its depth. Perfect for 5-10 min sessions, and yet dangerously capable of keeping you hooked for 2-3 hours at a time. Even better, a significant, near-sequel sized free update rolled out on all platforms alongside the Netflix launch.

One downer is that because it’s exclusive to a Netflix subscription on mobile, there’s no way to actually buy and own it right now. On the upside though, the game is provided in all its glory, with no ads, no in-app purchases and none of that nonsense.

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Mech Love, Not War

What sets the mobile version of Into the Breach apart and above other platforms is that it’s right there, in your pocket… whenever you want it.

Touch controls also suit the genre well (controller’s are supported too, although we had some issues with the start / select buttons not picking up), and it’s even light on battery usage.

So whether you’re spending your evening on the couch, chilling in bed, on the can (we would be lying if we left this one out) or surviving 95 mins in a doctor’s waiting room (this happened); Into the Breach is an incredibly good game that’s always just an app tap away.

Verdict: We spent dozens of hours addicted to Into The Breach before even activating the updates. It’s a brilliant game with an immense update, on a platform that elevates it to a level that makes it a genuine personal Game of the Year contender. Just a shame you can only play with a Netflix subscription right now.


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