Fire Emblem Engage Review – Enburemu engēji!
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Fire Emblem Engage Review – Enburemu engēji!

Title: Fire Emblem Engage | Reviewed on NINTENDO SWITCH | Reviewed by Jaco van der Walt | Edited by Nick de Bruyne

Fire Emblem returns to Nintendo Switch with a worthy engaging experience!

Fire Emblem is one of the OG tactical-JRPG franchises, and Fire Emblem Engage reflects its long history with an impressive supporting cast of fan favourites. Engage’s new protagonist summons supporting heroes from previous games through Emblem Rings which can be paired with the vibrant new cast of heroes. Pairing rings with different characters enables a ton of customisation by allowing heroes access to different skills and weapons.

Get Into The Fight

While Engage’s story opts for a more traditional “good vs. evil” plot than 2019’s Three Houses, the real money lies within the improved battle system. Gameplay is smooth and beautifully presented while combat encounters are more dynamic than ever. Each encounter’s objective is more than just killing the bad guys and combat is brought to life through the map’s environment and enhanced AI strategy.

Character loadouts can be very intimidating to new players and the game does a poor job of explaining some basic stats and returning gameplay concepts. Luckily, this rabbit hole is as deep as you want it to be. New players can choose the “Optimise All” option to quickly get a party ready while veteran players can spend literal hours fine-tuning stats and skills to their liking.

Wherefore Art Though?

To the delight of all weeaboos, Fire Emblem Engage also updated the core art style to a more contemporary anime style. The cutscenes, cast, and social interactions between characters could fit right into any popular anime franchise. If this isn’t your vibe, you might find some of the underlying Japanese sociocultural elements confusing or strange, but this shouldn’t discourage you from playing the game.

We Buy Chars

A lot can be said about games that offer DLC at launch and Fire Emblem Engage is no exception. For an additional R540 / $29.99 players can purchase the DLC Expansion Pass and instantly get access to two additional support characters with more content set to launch throughout 2023.

Verdict: All-in-all, Fire Emblem Engage shifted its focus to the right place: the core combat system. Battles are fun and engaging and planning each move is more rewarding than ever. This is sure to become a fan favourite and, with a bit of dedication, newcomers can find loads of content and enjoyment too.

More about Fire Emblem

Want some background on Fire Emblem? It’s a popular tactical JRPG series developed by Intelligent Systems (published by Nintendo). The games typically have players controlling a group of characters, each with unique abilities and skills, as they navigate through various battles against enemy forces.

Games in the franchise are known for their challenging turn-based battles, deep storytelling and complex character development, and the series is set in a range of fantastical worlds, filled with magic, mythical creatures and a rich history.

Throughout the games, players make strategic decisions in battle, build relationships between characters, and navigate political intrigue.