VIDEO: Alan Wake 2 Gameplay LOOKS AMAZING! – PS5, PC, Xbox

VIDEO: Alan Wake 2 Gameplay LOOKS AMAZING! – PS5, PC, Xbox

In a world where the line between reality and nightmares is perilously thin, Alan Wake 2 is set to redefine the horror genre in video gaming.

The buzz surrounding the game has been super positive, capturing the essence of what makes psychological thrillers deeply unsettling yet irresistibly compelling. Our recent dive into the game’s gameplay footage offers a tantalizing glimpse into a game world that promises not just to spook you, but to make you question the very fabric of its reality.


Set partially in New York and also in a mysterious “dark nightmare place,” Alan Wake 2 ventures beyond the original by introducing a new character, Saga—an FBI agent who appears to be as pivotal to the game as Alan himself. With an atmospheric narrative, the game’s story arcs involve bouncing between these two characters, as well as transitioning between two vastly contrasting worlds. If you found the first installment tense, brace yourself; this sequel aims to change the color of your pants, taking the horror elements up several notches.

Graphics look absolutely stunning. From uncanny valley-shattering facial details to an environment that feels as alive as it is foreboding, the visual aspect of Alan Wake 2 has been meticulously crafted.

Even more captivating is the game’s sound design. If you’ve got a good pair of headphones, the audio promises to be as eerie as it is engaging—heightening the tension and getting you feeling nice and unsettled. The game also has familiar mechanics from games like Resident Evil 4, offering a third-person over-the-shoulder experience while maintaining elements familiar to fans of the original Alan Wake.

For a comprehensive look at all this and more, don’t miss our full video coverage. Whether you’re a veteran Alan Wake fan or new to the series, Alan Wake 2 looks set to offer an immersive experience that will keep your pulse racing.

We’re pretty pumped. It’s out on October 27 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S and PC.